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KPIT and BMW join hands to launch the latest Autonomous Driving Tech

BMW, KPIT, and TTTech have finally come up with software for autonomous driving solutions. The reason that these three companies collaborated with each other is to make an advancement in the scalable platform for driving in an autonomous manner.

These three companies are working on highway pilot and urban pilot modes so that it becomes much easier to drive around a vehicle which has an autonomous driving technology. This technology can be used in other third-party platforms because this will help this software to work with any kind of OEMs.

The Head of the development of fully automated driving and driver assistance department of BMW Mr. Elmar Frickenstein said that the main problem is because of the holistic approach of the technology. The goal of BMW was to conquer the technology of autonomous driving by the year 2021 and this is the reason they partnered up with the other two companies.

From 2016, BMW is partnering up with different companies to expand their company in a rapid manner and also develop newer technology to stay ahead of the curve.