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SBI Wealth Services plans to cater over 2 lakh customers in the coming year

State Bank of India also known as SBI offers all kinds of personalized banking and investment services to all High Network Individual customers who are under SBI Wealth services. SBI is right now planning to cater to more than 2 lakh customers in a coming couple of years. The chairman of the State Bank of India has launched a wealth business service in the year 2016.

Right now the State Bank of India is serving more than 35,000 customers. Under this initiative, the bank needs to have at least 2 lakh customers. There will be more than 35 percent of the customers of State Bank of India who will be in the SBI category. Right now the SBI Wealth is present in more than 20 centers with more than 90 Wealth Hub. Banks will be opening their wealth hub in the country. State Bank of India to take up 50 centers by the year 2020.

In the Wealth Hub, the concept will offer all the best products across all the fund houses. These people will be very much flexible to invest their money and also view their portfolio with the help of all the digital channels like mobile banking and internet banking.