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Uber’s most valued executive resigns over alleged investigation carried out

Cameron Poetzscher, who is an Uber executive, has finally decided to resign from his post because of an investigation on him for sexual misconduct. The news of the resignation of Cameron Poetzscher came out in the Wall Street Journal. On the resignation of Cameron Poetzscher, Uber has come out and said that they are very much happy with the four and half years of work that Cameron has put through with Uber.

Cameron was also a very close advisor to the Chief executing officer of Uber Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi and he has single-handedly led the company Uber with an investment of about $7.7 billion from Soft Bank. There was an outside investigation of Mr. Cameron and it was found out that he has a pattern of making sexual comments to his co-workers and this is the reason he was asked to resign because it was violating the policies of Uber.

The investigation has been going on for quite some time. It’s been almost one year since this has been a problem for Uber, but none of it came to light till September 2018 when it was made public. It was the people from Uber who insisted for Cameron leaving even after he was disciplined in November 2017. For now, the position of Cameron will be taken by Nelson Chai, who was recently hired by Uber. Uber has not yet come up with any kind of comments on Nelson Chai taking Cameron’s position.